Children’s furniture

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Published: 09th July 2012
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Children’s furniture is furniture that is specifically designed to be used by children. There are two things that set children’s furniture apart from parent’s furniture. The obvious is size as children’s furniture is smaller. Secondly, the theme and color of children’s furniture is much different than parent’s furniture. It is often available in cute colors such as pastels. As a result, children’s furniture looks great in playrooms, nurseries, and child bedrooms.

Children’s Furniture Styles
One of the main considerations in purchasing children furniture, is to ensure that it is tough and durable. Children are rough on everything, especially in their developmental years, before they learn the benefit (and necessity) of taking care of their belongings. As a result, children’s furniture should be built to withstand the constant interaction of children. Many reputable manufacturers field test their product for this very reason. Also, safety is a consideration when purchasing children’s furniture. Look for rounded corners as an example. Lastly, children’s furniture should be fun! It should capture their imagination and call out to them in a way that envokes their positive emotions. This is a very popular trend today as more and more manufacturers of children’s furniture are producing new products that keep this in mind.
In conclusion, when choosing children’s furniture there is a lot to think about. Understanding what you are looking for in terms of style, size and theme is the best place to start.

There are many different styles of children’s furniture. The three main styles are as follows:
Traditional Children’s Furniture – Light oak stained finish to classic white, tradional children’s furniture, as the name suggests, is traditional with little fanfare. It is made to look great in any child’s room.

Theme Children’s Furniture – From Fireman to sports star, depending on your child’s interests, there is undoubtedly a set of theme children’s furniture to accompany it. With rocking chairs to child desks, theme children’s furniture is extremely popular.

Handpainted Children’s Furniture – Handpainted children’s furniture may conjure up the thoughts of a local craft fair but many sets are now done by artists that produce unique pieces that are fun. You do not have to sacrifice durability and quality for uniqueness. Handpainted children’s furniture is really more than a piece of children’s furniture as it truly is a piece of art.

Types of Children’s Furniture
Though many different accent pieces are available such as clothes stands and rocking horses are effective, these children’s furniture pieces are the centerpieces and staples of a child’s room.

Children’s Beds
Child’s Desks are an important piece of furniture for their development. They are use to sitting behind a desk at school and there is an great chance that as adults your child will sit behind a desk for extended periods of time. Having a desk to work on the computer, read a book, or complete homework is important as it reinforces good study skills; certainly an asset as they continue their education process.

Seating Options
Storage solutions for kid’s rooms is a necessity. How many times have you insisted that your child clean their room only to go in their an hour later only to see it in the same disarray it was earlier. Sometimes, this is a result of simply not having enough storage options for your child to put the plethora of toys away. Toy boxes are a great solution to this age old problem as they are child size to reach the lid and come in great themes that look great in any child’s room.

Children love books and they have a lot of them! Parents, grandparents and friends love giving books to children as it promotes learning and imagination. But keeping the books in a cardboard box tucked away in the closet results in the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome that doesn’t lend itself well to getting full use of all those books. A child bookshelf is a great way to keep those books front and center and encourage your child to pick one out at a moment’s notice whenever they feel the urge. Children’s bookshelves are a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom.

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